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Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light: Illuminating Your World

Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light: Illuminating Your World


Are you tired of struggling with poor lighting conditions while capturing your favorite moments? Look no further! The Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light is here to revolutionize your photography and videography experience. With its advanced features and superior performance, this LED light is a game-changer in the industry.

Key Features

1. SET Button and Relevant Function

The YN160 III comes equipped with a SET button and relevant function, allowing you to save the desired luminance and color temperature settings for future use. This convenient feature ensures that you can easily replicate your preferred lighting conditions, saving you time and effort.

2. High-Quality LED Lamp Beads

Featuring 192 high-quality LED lamp beads with extra-large luminous areas, the YN160 III delivers exceptional brightness and uniform illumination. With greater luminous intensity and a longer service life, this LED light outshines its competitors in terms of performance and durability.

3. Encoder Digital Dimming System

The YN160 III incorporates an encoder digital dimming system, allowing you to adjust the brightness with precision. With both rough and fine dimming modes, you have complete control over the lighting intensity, making it incredibly convenient to use in various shooting scenarios.

4. LED Digital Display Screen

Equipped with an LED digital display screen, the YN160 III provides an intuitive interface for monitoring and adjusting the power output. This feature ensures that you can easily make real-time adjustments to achieve the perfect lighting conditions for your shots.

5. Two Color Temperature Plates

The YN160 III includes two color temperature plates, enabling you to adapt to different environmental lighting conditions. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, this LED light ensures that you can achieve accurate and natural-looking colors in your photos and videos.

6. External DC Power Input

For extended shooting sessions, the YN160 III supports external DC power input (not included). This feature allows you to connect the LED light to a power source, ensuring uninterrupted operation and eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.

7. Yongnuo Proprietary LED Driving Technology

The YN160 III incorporates Yongnuo’s proprietary LED driving technology, which effectively eliminates corrugation and stroboscopic flash. This technology ensures a consistent and flicker-free lighting experience, resulting in professional-quality visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the YN160 III be used with any camera?

A: Yes, the YN160 III is compatible with most cameras that have a standard hot shoe mount. It can be easily attached to your camera or used with a tripod for versatile lighting setups.

Q: How long does the YN160 III’s battery last?

A: The battery life of the YN160 III depends on the power output and usage. On average, it can last for approximately 2-3 hours at maximum brightness. However, using the external DC power input can provide unlimited power supply for extended shooting sessions.

Q: Is the YN160 III suitable for professional use?

A: Absolutely! The YN160 III is widely used by professional photographers and videographers due to its exceptional performance and reliability. Its advanced features and customizable settings make it a valuable tool for capturing stunning visuals.


The Yongnuo YN160 III LED Light is a must-have accessory for any photography or videography enthusiast. With its innovative features, superior performance, and user-friendly design, this LED light will elevate your creative projects to new heights. Say goodbye to poorly lit shots and embrace the brilliance of the YN160 III!