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YXX- Grey/Blue 3-Shelf Housekeeping Cart Organizer with Lid & Detachable Bag

YXX- Grey/Blue 3-Shelf Housekeeping Cart Organizer with Lid & Detachable Bag

Product Description

The YXX Grey/Blue 3-Shelf Housekeeping Cart Organizer is a versatile and convenient tool for organizing cleaning supplies in various settings such as schools, commercial spaces, and janitorial services. This cart is designed to provide added convenience and efficiency in transporting and storing cleaning supplies throughout the day.

Product Parameters

  • Product name: Cart
  • Material: Plastic + Oxford Cloth
  • Weight: 12kg/26.4lbs
  • Load bearing: 60kg/132lbs

Product Benefits

  • Detachable waterproof storage bag
  • Upper and lower recessed shelf trays
  • Rolling caster wheels allow for easy pivoting and maneuverability
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


The package includes:

  • Cart x1
  • (The matching product in the product image is not included in the package)


Manual measurement may result in a 1-3cm error. Please understand. Due to light and personal differences in color understanding, there may be a small color difference. In-kind prevail. If you receive an inappropriate product or have any questions, please contact us promptly. We support multiple purchases.

Engineering Plastics

Made of engineering plastics, this cart is environmentally friendly and odorless. It is built to last, providing long-lasting strength and use with its 3 shelves.

Big Wheels

The cart smoothly turns with two pivoting front wheels and non-marking rear wheels. This feature not only protects floors and walls but also helps your workforce complete their jobs more efficiently.

Detachable Bag

The cart comes with a detachable oxford cloth bag with a grommeted frame. This provides ample storage for laundry or old sheets, allowing for quick clean-up without the need for multiple trips. Additionally, a laundry bag is included, providing extra value.

Use Occasion

This janitorial cart is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, hospitality, retail, and other settings. It is perfect for storing and organizing supplies, cleaning products, and tools.

Easy to Assembly

The cart features a detachable embedded nut design, making it easy to install. This design ensures stability and durability, surpassing that of self-tapping screws.


The YXX Grey/Blue 3-Shelf Housekeeping Cart Organizer with Lid & Detachable Bag is a reliable and efficient tool for organizing and transporting cleaning supplies. Its sturdy construction, detachable bag, and easy maneuverability make it a valuable asset in various settings. Invest in this cart to enhance productivity and convenience in your cleaning routines.