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WerkWeit 24 Colors Leathercraft Waxed Thread

WerkWeit 24 Colors Leathercraft Waxed Thread

WerkWeit 24 Colors Leathercraft Waxed Thread

Are you a leathercraft enthusiast looking for the perfect thread to enhance your projects? Look no further! Introducing the WerkWeit 24 Colors Leathercraft Waxed Thread, the ultimate choice for all your leather crafting needs.

Unleash Your Creativity

With 24 vibrant colors to choose from, this waxed thread allows you to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to your leather creations. Whether you’re working on a leather bag, wallet, or even book binding, this thread will elevate your craftsmanship to a whole new level.

Superior Quality

The WerkWeit Leathercraft Waxed Thread is made from premium materials, ensuring durability and strength. The wax coating provides extra protection against wear and tear, making it perfect for long-lasting projects. Say goodbye to frayed threads and hello to professional-looking results.

Easy to Use

Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find this thread incredibly easy to work with. Its smooth texture allows for smooth stitching, preventing snags and tangles. The thread glides effortlessly through the leather, giving you full control over your stitching.

Endless Possibilities

Not only is this thread suitable for leathercraft, but it can also be used for other DIY projects. From jewelry making to fabric embellishments, let your imagination run wild and explore the endless possibilities with the WerkWeit Leathercraft Waxed Thread.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the length of each thread?
  2. Each thread is 55 yards long, providing you with ample material for multiple projects.

  3. Is the thread colorfast?
  4. Yes, the colors are resistant to fading, ensuring that your creations maintain their vibrancy over time.

  5. Can I use this thread with a sewing machine?
  6. While it is primarily designed for hand stitching, some users have successfully used it with sewing machines. However, we recommend testing it on scrap leather before using it on your main project.

  7. Is the wax coating waterproof?
  8. Yes, the wax coating adds a layer of water resistance to the thread, making it suitable for outdoor and wet conditions.


Elevate your leathercraft projects with the WerkWeit 24 Colors Leathercraft Waxed Thread. With its vibrant colors, superior quality, and ease of use, this thread is a must-have for any leather enthusiast. Unleash your creativity and bring your leather creations to life with this high-quality thread.