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Rossy&Nancy European Virgin Human Hair Toupee for Men

Rossy&Nancy European Virgin Human Hair Toupee for Men

Rossy&Nancy European Virgin Human Hair Toupee for Men

Product Description:

Thank you for shopping from Rossy&Nancy’s Store. We aim to provide you with the best quality product and service. Should you have any problem, feel free to come to us. Your satisfaction is our priority!

1. HAIR MATERIAL: 100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair

The Rossy&Nancy European Virgin Human Hair Toupee is made with the finest quality 100% unprocessed virgin human hair. No animal hair or synthetic hair is used, ensuring a lasting silky texture.

2. HAIR TYPE: Real European Virgin Human Hair

This toupee is made with real European virgin human hair, providing the most natural look and feel.

3. HAIR LENGTH: 5-6 Inches

The hair length of this toupee is 5-6 inches, suitable for most hair lengths. You can easily cut and style the hair to your preferred style without worrying about the length.

4. HAIR TEXTURE: Slight Wave

The hair has a slight wave texture, allowing you to use a hair straightener or curling iron to achieve any style you desire. It looks natural and feels soft to the touch.

5. HAIR STYLE: Free Style

The hair is designed in a free style, giving the appearance that it is growing directly from your scalp.

6. HAIR COLOR: 10 Colors Available

There are 10 colors available for this toupee, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. If you prefer a different color, we can customize it for you free of charge.

7. HAIR DENSITY: 130%-150% Medium Light Density

This toupee has a medium light density of 130%-150%, which is the most common and natural density for men. If you find it too thick, you can easily cut it to your desired density.

8. BASE SIZE: 10″ x 8″

The default cap size of this hairpiece is 10″ x 8″, which is usually big enough for most head sizes. However, it can be easily cut to a smaller size if you prefer. You can do it yourself or consult a hairdresser.

9. FEATURE: Lightly Bleached Knots

All over the toupee, the knots are lightly bleached to make it look natural. This hair replacement system is durable and ensures that nobody will realize you are wearing a toupee.

10. CUSTOMIZE: Tailored to Your Needs

Our store accepts customization for toupees. With over 10 years of experience, we can manufacture a toupee that meets your specific requirements. We also have a large stock available for your urgent demands.

11. PACKING: Elegant Packaging

This toupee is packed in an elegant color box, ensuring that the item is well-protected during shipping.

About this item

  • 100% virgin human hair toupee for men
  • Soft enough with a slight wave for a natural look
  • 5-6 inches length, easy to trim and style
  • Cap size is 8″ x 10″, suitable for most head sizes
  • Swiss mono lace with PU around for a natural hairline
  • 130% medium density
  • Customizable options available

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I style the hair with heat tools?

A: Yes, you can use a hair straightener or curling iron to style the hair as desired.

Q: Can I dye the toupee to a darker color?

A: Yes, the toupee can be dyed to a darker color if desired.

Q: Can the cap size be adjusted?

A: The default cap size is 8″ x 10″, but it can be easily cut to a smaller size according to your needs.

Q: How natural does the toupee look?

A: The toupee is designed with a natural hairline and lightly bleached knots, making it virtually undetectable.

Q: Can I customize the hair color, density, and base construction?

A: Yes, our store accepts customization. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Discover the Rossy&Nancy European Virgin Human Hair Toupee for Men. Made with 100% unprocessed virgin human hair, this toupee offers a natural look and easy styling. With customizable options and a range of colors available, you can find the perfect toupee to suit your needs. Shop now and experience the confidence that comes with wearing a high-quality hairpiece.