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Renogy One Panel with Energy Monitoring

Renogy One Panel with Energy Monitoring

Renogy One Panel with Energy Monitoring

Welcome to the era of smart energy, smart home, and smart security. Meet Renogy One, the all-in-one intelligent energy monitor born to revolutionize how you live off the grid.

All-in-One Smart Panel

Renogy One is the heart of your off-grid living space. By connecting a wide range of energy devices and smart home accessories, Renogy One offers comprehensive information on its 4-inch high-definition touch screen for you to glance at information that matters to you.

Seamlessly Keep Track on Energy

Spare your efforts to check energy data on multiple battery monitors. Now Renogy One offers accurate and comprehensive data, allowing you to monitor your energy devices in one go, thanks to built-in Bluetooth technology.

Get into Your Routines

Enjoy more off-grid fun and leave the rest to Renogy One. Based on your routines, you can preset each physical switch with a smart scene. As a result, Renogy One will enable all the preferred home devices and automate desired settings from a scene with a simple tap on the switch. *Available with smart accessories and subscription.

Smartly Protect Your Home

With Smart Life subscription, Renogy One can actively monitor your home through paired smart sensors. This integrated smart hub will send you alerts to your phone when detecting intrusions and other unusual events. So you can always have peace of mind when you are away in the wild. *Available with smart accessories and subscription.

Distance is not a Problem

Renogy One comes with a Wi-Fi module/cellular module to upload energy data while you are off the grid. So you can check the overall status of your off-grid power system, real-time usage of each energy device, or system errors via DC Home app on your phone, anytime, anywhere.