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Protective Incontinence Adult Overnight Underwear | Livdry

Protective Incontinence Adult Overnight Underwear | Livdry

Protective Incontinence Adult Overnight Underwear | Livdry

Size: XXL, 12 Count

Daytime soft fabric adult protective underwear- Livdry offers these daytime protective underwear women and men need when experiencing bladder leaks or loss of control. These super absorbent incontinence products are available in sizes small through XXL, and are designed for comfort with ultimate protection in mind. The count of the items per case varies according to the size ordered.

Incontinence Products

There are times in life that our bodies need a little extra care and consideration. When there is a need for incontinence underwear, you can still live the active life you desire by wearing protective underwear. With age, and after surgery or childbirth, many people experience loss of bladder control. Eliminate leaks with the added convenience of disposable adult underwear.

Leakage Barrier Cuff

We designed these protective underwear for women and men with extra absorbency power, as well as a special leakage barrier cuff with gathered bands to guard against leaks and embarrassing accidents. Cut down on changing extra clothes and washing endless sheets with our Livdry underpants that work just like adult pull ups for both men and women – only better.

Super Absorbent Adult Diapers

Livdry protective underwear for men and women are so absorbent you may not need to use bed pads when you use Livdry urinary incontinence products. When it’s time for disposable underwear, trust these adult underpants for protection and comfort. The super absorbent gel core quickly locks fluid away, helps eliminate odors, and keeps you feeling dry.

Extra Soft Material

The soft, cloth-like, latex-free material features stretch panels that contour to your body for a customized fit. Tear-away sides allow for easy removal, and the colored stitching identifies the front side. We offer three types of adult incontinence relief products: regular for daytime use, overnight for longer absorption, and ultimate for maximum absorption.

Livdry XXL, 12 Count: Protective Incontinence Adult Overnight Underwear

Overnight soft PP nonwoven

Imported from USA

Package includes 1 piece