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OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Red Digital Camera: The Ultimate Adventure Companion

OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Red Digital Camera: The Ultimate Adventure Companion

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking to capture your fast-paced adventures in extreme conditions? Look no further than the OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Red Digital Camera. Designed specifically for thrill-seekers like you, this camera is waterproof, shockproof, shatterproof, frostproof, and dustproof, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.

Unparalleled Image Quality

The TG-7 features a high-resolution F2.0 lens, a 12-megapixel image sensor, and the latest True Pic VIII image processor, ensuring exceptional image quality. The fast F2.0 lens allows for faster shutter speeds, perfect for capturing moving subjects. The combination of the image sensor and processor also reduces noise, resulting in clear and sharp images.

Not only does the TG-7 excel in capturing still images, but it also offers video functions for 4K and high-speed video in Full HD at 120 fps, allowing you to create stunning slow-motion videos. Whether you’re capturing action-packed moments or breathtaking landscapes, the TG-7 delivers outstanding results.

Advanced Macro Shooting Modes

For nature enthusiasts, the TG-7 features an advanced variable macro system with different modes: Microscopy, Microscope Control, Focus Bracketing, and Focus Stacking. These modes allow you to capture intricate details and stunning close-up shots of flora and fauna. No matter how tough the conditions are, the TG-7 ensures that you can capture the beauty of nature with ease.

Rugged and Reliable

The TG-7 is built to withstand the toughest conditions. It is waterproof up to 15 meters, shatterproof up to 100 kilograms, temperature-resistant down to -10°C, and shockproof up to 2.1 meters. Its dustproof housing and anti-fog technology ensure that you can use it worry-free in any environment.

Additionally, the TG-7 comes with easily accessible controls and double-walled anti-fog glass, making it convenient to use even in challenging situations. Whether you’re exploring underwater caves or climbing rugged mountains, the TG-7 is your reliable companion.

Smart Connectivity

The TG-7 is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and is compatible with the OI.Share app, allowing you to control the camera remotely and share your photos and videos via your smartphone. It also features GPS, a compass, and compatibility with the OI.Track app, providing fast and accurate location data for your adventures.

Not only is the TG-7 perfect for sharing your outdoor escapades, but it is also ideal for documenting construction projects. With the new Construction Mode, you can easily track and share the progress of your projects. The TG-7 is a versatile camera that adapts to your needs.


The OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 Red Digital Camera is the ultimate adventure companion. With its rugged design, advanced features, and exceptional image quality, it is the perfect camera for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts. Capture your most daring moments and share them with the world. The TG-7 is ready to accompany you on your wildest adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the TG-7 suitable for underwater photography?
  2. Yes, the TG-7 is waterproof up to 15 meters, making it perfect for capturing stunning underwater shots.

  3. Can I control the camera remotely?
  4. Yes, the TG-7 is equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and is compatible with the OI.Share app, allowing you to control the camera remotely via your smartphone.

  5. Does the TG-7 support shooting in RAW format?
  6. Yes, the TG-7 supports shooting in RAW format, giving you more flexibility in post-processing.

  7. What is the battery life of the TG-7?
  8. The TG-7 comes with a LI-92B Lithium-Ion battery, which provides long-lasting power for your adventures.

  9. Is the TG-7 suitable for extreme temperatures?
  10. Yes, the TG-7 is temperature-resistant down to -10°C, allowing you to capture your adventures in freezing conditions.