Made to Roam Premium Lunar Bed

Made to Roam Premium Lunar Bed

Made to Roam Premium Lunar Bed

Is your dog in need of a new bed? Look no further than the Made to Roam Premium Lunar Bed. This bed is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, using durable, water-resistant, and washable materials to ensure they have a cozy place to rest.


Durable Construction

The bed is made with high-quality Oxford fabric that can withstand your dog’s playful behavior.


Accidents happen, but with the water-resistant feature, you can easily clean up any messes without worrying about damaging the bed.


Simply toss the bed in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean. No need to worry about lingering odors or dirt.

Shredded Memory Foam

The bed is filled with shredded memory foam, providing optimal support and comfort for your furry friend.


  • Color: Oregon Haze
  • Size: Large
  • Ideal for: Medium and Large Dogs


Is the bed suitable for large dogs?

Yes, the large size is perfect for medium and large dogs, providing ample space for them to stretch out and relax.

Can the bed be used outdoors?

While the bed is water-resistant, it is best suited for indoor use to ensure its longevity.

How do I clean the bed?

Simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine for a hassle-free clean.


The Made to Roam Premium Lunar Bed is the perfect choice for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with a comfortable and durable bed. With its water-resistant and washable features, along with the use of shredded memory foam, this bed is sure to become your dog’s new favorite spot to relax.