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ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen for Men and Women

ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves Touchscreen for Men and Women


The ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves are designed for both men and women riders. These gloves provide optimal breathability and protection, making them suitable for various outdoor activities.

Air Flow System

The gloves feature an air flow system that allows for optimal breathability. Air channels are strategically positioned on the top of the hand, while the leather is perforated in specific places to ensure maximum air flow without compromising on the solidity of the leather.

360掳 Protection

For enhanced protection, the gloves are equipped with an external protection shell for the scaphoid, metacarpals, palm, fingers, and side of the hand. This design provides better shock absorption and comfort by suppressing all hard elements inside the protection shells.

Multiple Reinforcements

To withstand abrasion in a crash situation, the gloves are made with a doubled leather layer and additional foam on areas exposed to abrasion, such as the palm, cuff, and fingers. The positioning of these elements has been carefully designed to protect hands from shocks and long abrasions on tarmac.

Better Comfort

The gloves are made from goat leather, which offers a high level of feeling on the handlebars. The pre-shaping of the gloves ensures a comfortable fit, while the finger stitch seams are positioned on the outside for better comfort.

Wide Range of Usage Scenarios

Aside from motorcycle riding, these gloves can also be widely used for other outdoor activities. They can serve as cycling gloves, work gloves, hunting and shooting gloves, and outdoor sports gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these gloves touchscreen compatible?

Yes, these gloves are touchscreen compatible, allowing you to use your smartphone or other touchscreen devices without having to remove them.

2. Can these gloves be used in hot weather?

Yes, the air flow system and perforated leather design of these gloves make them suitable for use in hot weather. They provide optimal breathability to keep your hands cool and comfortable.

3. Are these gloves suitable for women?

Yes, these gloves are designed to fit both men and women. They come in various sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all riders.


The ILM Air Flow Leather Motorcycle Gloves are a versatile and reliable choice for riders. With their optimal breathability, 360掳 protection, and comfortable design, these gloves provide the necessary protection and comfort for various outdoor activities. Whether you’re riding a motorcycle, cycling, working, or engaging in outdoor sports, these gloves are a great investment.