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Homing Tag v2 for Loc8tor TabCat Pet Collar Locator v2 (2 Pack)

Homing Tag v2 for Loc8tor TabCat Pet Collar Locator v2 (2 Pack)

Homing Tag v2 for Loc8tor TabCat Pet Collar Locator v2 (2 Pack)

Introducing the new and improved Homing Tag v2 for Loc8tor TabCat Pet Collar Locator. This pack includes 2 additional tags for use with your Tabcat v2 handset. Please note that the handset and cases are not included.

Key Features

  • Ranges up to 122m/400ft (based on a clear line of sight)
  • Guides you to within 2.5cm/1inch
  • Audio beeps on Tag to help train your cat to come home on demand
  • Flashing LED to help retrieve when dark (Use with Clear Case – sold separately)
  • Lightweight tags weighing only 5 grams each
  • Also suitable for use with kittens
  • Supplied with 2 x SR1130 batteries in each Tag
  • Not Compatible with previous models, only Version 2 (V2)

Greater Accuracy than GPS Trackers

Our RF-based technology offers much greater accuracy than GPS trackers. With the Tabcat v2, you can locate your cat with precision, even in challenging environments.

Train Your Cat to Come Home

The audio beeps on the Tag can be used to train your cat to come home on demand. Simply press the button on the handset and your cat will associate the sound with returning home.

Retrieve Your Cat in the Dark

The flashing LED on the Tag is especially useful when it’s dark outside. You can easily spot the tag and retrieve your cat without any hassle.

Lightweight and Suitable for Kittens

Each tag weighs only 5 grams, making it comfortable for your cat to wear. The tags are also suitable for use with kittens, ensuring their safety and security.

Protect Your Tags

Please note that the Tabcat Homing Tags are not waterproof or water resistant. We recommend purchasing our splash-proof protective silicone cases (sold separately) to offer your tags greater protection against the elements, knocks, scrapes, and bumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the tags compatible with previous models?

No, the Homing Tags are only compatible with Version 2 (V2) of the Tabcat Pet Collar Locator.

2. How far can the tags range?

The tags can range up to 122m/400ft based on a clear line of sight.

3. Can I use the tags with kittens?

Yes, the tags are suitable for use with kittens.


Don’t let your cat go missing again. With the Homing Tag v2 for Loc8tor TabCat Pet Collar Locator, you can easily locate your cat with greater accuracy. The lightweight tags, audio beeps, and flashing LED make it convenient to train your cat and retrieve them, even in the dark. Get your pack of 2 additional tags now and ensure the safety and security of your furry friend.