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Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly – The Ultimate Moving Solution

Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly – The Ultimate Moving Solution

Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly – The Ultimate Moving Solution

Are you tired of struggling to move heavy furniture and appliances? Look no further! Our Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly is here to make your life easier. With its incredible load bearing capacity of 300kg, this dolly is designed to handle even the heaviest of items with ease.

Why Choose Our Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly?

1. Universal Moving Dolly: Our dolly is not limited to just furniture. It can also be used as an appliance dolly, making it a versatile tool for all your moving needs.

2. Portable and Efficient: The adjustable base and 24 wheels allow for easy maneuverability, making it a breeze to transport heavy appliances from one place to another.

3. Heavy Appliance Roller: The heavy duty construction of our dolly ensures that it can withstand the weight of even the bulkiest appliances, providing a safe and secure moving experience.

4. Heavy Appliance Mover: Say goodbye to backaches and strained muscles. Our dolly takes the strain off your body, allowing you to move heavy items effortlessly.


  • Load bearing capacity of 300kg
  • Adjustable base for easy customization
  • 24 wheels for smooth movement
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Portable and easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this dolly be used on all types of flooring?

A: Yes, our dolly is designed to be used on various types of flooring, including hardwood, carpet, and tiles. The wheels are designed to glide smoothly without causing any damage.

Q: Is the dolly easy to assemble?

A: Absolutely! The dolly comes with clear instructions and requires minimal assembly. You’ll have it ready to use in no time.

Q: Can the dolly be used for outdoor moving?

A: While our dolly is primarily designed for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors on flat surfaces. However, it is not recommended for use on uneven terrain.


When it comes to moving heavy furniture and appliances, our Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly is the ultimate solution. Its universal design, adjustable base, and heavy duty construction make it a reliable and efficient tool for all your moving needs. Say goodbye to the hassle and strain of moving heavy items and make your life easier with our Heavy Duty Furniture Dolly.