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FITCAMX 4K Dual Dash Cam – Product Description

FITCAMX 4K Dual Dash Cam – Product Description

FITCAMX 4K Dual Dash Cam – Your Reliable Road Companion

Introducing the FITCAMX 4K Dual Dash Cam, the perfect solution for capturing every moment on the road with unparalleled clarity and convenience. Designed specifically for Ford F150 2021-2023, this dash cam is the ultimate accessory to enhance your driving experience.

Key Features:

1. Crystal Clear Recording

With front and rear cameras recording at 2160P and 1080P UHD respectively, the FITCAMX captures every detail of your journey in stunning clarity. Whether it’s a scenic drive or an unexpected incident, you can trust this dash cam to provide crystal clear evidence.

2. Built-in WiFi

Stay connected and easily access your dash cam footage with the built-in WiFi feature. Simply connect your smartphone to the FITCAMX app and effortlessly download, view, and share your videos on the go.

3. G-Sensor for Enhanced Safety

The FITCAMX is equipped with a G-Sensor that detects sudden movements or impacts. In the event of a collision, the dash cam automatically locks the footage to prevent it from being overwritten, ensuring that you have the evidence you need for insurance claims or legal purposes.

4. Loop Recording

Never worry about running out of storage space. The FITCAMX features loop recording, which automatically overwrites the oldest footage when the memory card is full. This ensures that you always have the most recent recordings without the hassle of manually deleting files.

5. Enhanced Night Vision

Drive with confidence even in low-light conditions. The FITCAMX utilizes advanced night vision technology to capture clear and detailed footage, providing you with peace of mind during nighttime drives.

6. Plug and Play Installation

No complicated setup or wiring required. The FITCAMX is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Ford F150 2021-2023, offering a plug and play installation experience. Simply attach the dash cam to your windshield, connect it to the power source, and you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use the FITCAMX on other car models?

A: While the FITCAMX is specifically designed for Ford F150 2021-2023, it can be compatible with other car models as long as the dimensions and specifications match.

Q: How much storage does the included 128GB card provide?

A: The 128GB card can store approximately 10-12 hours of continuous recording, depending on the video quality settings.

Q: Is the FITCAMX waterproof?

A: The FITCAMX is not waterproof and should not be exposed to direct water contact. However, it is designed to withstand normal weather conditions.


Upgrade your driving experience with the FITCAMX 4K Dual Dash Cam. With its exceptional recording quality, convenient features, and easy installation, this dash cam is the perfect companion for your Ford F150 2021-2023. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your safety and capture every moment on the road. Get your FITCAMX today and enjoy the ultimate peace of mind.