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Erosom 12 Colors Mica Powder Pigments Soap Dye for Soap Coloring

Erosom 12 Colors Mica Powder Pigments Soap Dye for Soap Coloring

Erosom 12 Colors Mica Powder Pigments Soap Dye for Soap Coloring

Mica Powder Pigments are widely used for producing unique colorful soap. They create an effect of depth, shine, and shimmer in various shades. These pigments are as easy to use as any other pigment and do not migrate. They are referred to as fast dyes and maintain sharp contours for a long time, making them perfect for handmade soap boiling. The Mica Powder Pigments for soap are very thrifty and non-toxic, leaving no traces on the skin. They keep their brightness for a long time and do not fade, making them a perfect choice for both beginners and experts in soap boiling.


  1. Before melting the soap base, cut it into small cubes (1-2 cm) for faster melting. If using a microwave oven, use a heat-resistant dish, glass, or plastic cups. 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of base melts in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Using a water bath, the base melts at 158-176 F.
  2. Add Mica Powder Pigments at a rate of 0.002 – 0.007 ounce per 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of soap base, depending on the desired color saturation. Stir thoroughly to avoid lumps. For convenience, you can also mix a small amount of glycerin or spirits with the pigments before adding them to the liquid base.
  3. Pour the soap into the mold, sprinkling it with alcohol to remove small bubbles and foam. Alcohol is also used when making multi-layer soap to ensure better attachment between layers.
  4. Allow the soap to freeze in the mold for approximately 5 hours.

Colors Galore

A sample set of 12 beautiful colors: Kiwi, Blue Berry, Golden Yellow, Rose Pink, Lavender, Tangerine, Magenta, Silver Gray, Blackish Green, Violet, Bluish Green, Flash Mauve.


These long-lasting pure quality dyes are 0.18-Ounce each color (5g each color).

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Micas are considered safe ingredients that do not contain animal products and have not been tested on animals.

Way of Use

Safe for Cold Process, Melt & Pour, Bath Bombs, Lotions, Shower Gels, Nail Polishes, and Eye Shadow. (Notice: Non-edible).

100% Money Back Guarantee

30-day hassle-free, no questions asked refund. You will also be supported by soap making loving customer service. Support American small businesses that operate with utmost integrity and hit “Add to Cart” now!