Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster 7 oz. – Pack of 6

Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster, 7 oz. – Pack of 6

Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster, 7 oz. – Pack of 6

Are you tired of dealing with dust and dirt on your electronics and other items? Look no further than the Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster. This pack of 6 dusters is the perfect solution for keeping your belongings clean and dust-free.

Key Features

  • 7 oz. duster size
  • Disposable for convenience
  • Pack of 6 for multiple uses
  • Safe for use on electronics
  • Removes dust and dirt effectively

Convenient and Effective

The Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster is designed to make cleaning easy and hassle-free. With its 7 oz. size, it provides ample cleaning power while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. The disposable nature of the duster means you can simply use it and then dispose of it, making it a convenient option for busy individuals.

Safe for Electronics

One of the key benefits of the Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster is its safety for use on electronics. You can use it to clean your computer keyboard, laptop, printer, and other electronic devices without worrying about causing any damage. The gentle yet effective cleaning action ensures that your electronics remain in top condition.

Q: Can I use this duster on camera lenses?

A: Yes, the Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster is safe for use on camera lenses and will help remove dust and dirt without causing any damage.

Q: How long does each duster last?

A: The duster can be used multiple times before disposal, depending on the level of dirt and dust it encounters.

Q: Is this duster environmentally friendly?

A: The duster is designed for one-time use and should be disposed of properly. However, it does not contain CFCs, making it safe for the environment.


Say goodbye to dust and dirt with the Dust-OffDPSM6 Disposable Duster. This pack of 6 dusters provides a convenient and effective solution for keeping your electronics and other items clean. With its safe and gentle cleaning action, you can trust this duster to deliver excellent results without causing any damage. Try it out today and experience the difference!