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Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W 86 liters

Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W 86 liters

Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W 86 liters

Are you tired of your food and drinks getting spoiled during your outdoor adventures? Look no further! Introducing the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W, the ultimate solution to keep your items cool and fresh for days.

Key Features

High-Quality Construction

The Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W is built to last. Made of strong, seamless, food-grade polyethylene, this cool box can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Whether you’re going fishing or hunting, this heavy-duty mini ice box fridge is up for the challenge.

Unmatched Cooling Performance

With its thick refrigeration grade foam insulation and unique labyrinth seal design, the CI 85W ensures maximum cooling efficiency. Say goodbye to melted ice within hours. This highly efficient icebox can keep ice frozen for several days, allowing you to enjoy fresh food and cold drinks throughout your trip.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Hygiene is important, especially when it comes to storing food. The CI 85W is designed with a large diameter drain plug, making it easy to clean and maintain. Simply remove the plug, let the water drain out, and wipe the interior clean. It’s that simple!

Portability at Its Finest

Transporting your cool box has never been easier. The CI 85W features strong ergonomic handles and wheels, allowing you to effortlessly move it from one place to another. No more struggling with heavy loads. Enjoy the convenience of portability with this lightweight and easy-to-carry cool box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can the CI 85W keep ice frozen?

The CI 85W can keep ice frozen for several days, depending on external factors such as ambient temperature and usage. However, it is designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency and can outperform traditional coolers.

2. Can I use the CI 85W for other purposes besides fishing and hunting?

Absolutely! While the CI 85W is perfect for fishing and hunting trips, its versatility allows you to use it for various outdoor activities such as camping, boating, and picnics. Keep your food and drinks cool wherever you go!

3. Is the CI 85W easy to transport?

Yes, it is! The CI 85W is equipped with strong ergonomic handles and wheels, making it easy to carry and move around. Say goodbye to backaches and enjoy the convenience of portability.


Don’t let spoiled food ruin your outdoor adventures. Invest in the Dometic Cool-Ice CI 85W and experience the ultimate cooling performance. With its high-quality construction, unmatched cooling efficiency, easy maintenance, and portability, this cool box is a game-changer. Say hello to fresh food and cold drinks, even in the harshest outdoor conditions. Order your CI 85W today and elevate your outdoor experience!