DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope – Product Description

DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope – Product Description

DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope – Product Description

Introducing the DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope, the ultimate tool for inspecting hard-to-reach areas with ease. This state-of-the-art borescope is designed to provide high-definition visuals and seamless connectivity to your Android and iOS devices. With its IP67 waterproof rating and advanced WiFi technology, this snake camera is perfect for a wide range of applications.


1. High-Quality Visuals

The DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope boasts a 2.0 Megapixels HD camera, allowing you to capture clear and detailed images or videos of the inspection area. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this device ensures that you never miss any crucial details.

2. Seamless Connectivity

With its WiFi capability, this borescope can easily connect to your Android or iOS smartphone, iPhone, Samsung, or tablet. Simply download the compatible app, connect to the device’s WiFi signal, and start exploring. No need for additional cables or adapters.

3. IP67 Waterproof Rating

Don’t let water or other liquids hinder your inspection process. The DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope is built with an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing you to use it in wet or damp environments without any worries. Explore pipes, drains, and other water-related areas with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope compatible with my smartphone?

A: Yes, this borescope is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Simply download the corresponding app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and you’re good to go.

Q: How long is the cable?

A: The DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope comes with an 11.5FT cable, allowing you to reach deep into narrow spaces effortlessly.

Q: Can I use this endoscope underwater?

A: While the device itself is waterproof, please note that the WiFi signal may not work underwater. It is recommended to use the endoscope in wet or damp environments, but not submerged in water.


The DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope is a game-changer in the world of inspection cameras. Its high-quality visuals, seamless connectivity, and IP67 waterproof rating make it a versatile tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with this innovative snake camera.