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Beauenty DIY Doll Claw Machine for Kids

Beauenty DIY Doll Claw Machine for Kids


The Beauenty DIY Doll Claw Machine is a perfect gift for kids and adults alike. This mini claw machine offers endless hours of excitement and fun. Test your luck and see who can catch the most prizes before the music stops. With its adjustable sounds and music, this claw machine is sure to bring joy to any occasion.


1. Perfect Size for Kids

This kid’s claw machine is designed to be perfectly sized for children. It can sit nicely on the floor or on a desk without taking up too much space. Kids will love playing with this mini claw machine and trying to grab their favorite prizes.

2. Fun and Exciting Prizes

The top of the claw machine features a small slot where you can insert various prizes. Fill it with small toys, trinkets, candy bars, chocolates, or treats. The possibilities are endless, and kids will be thrilled to see what they can grab.

3. Classic Game Experience

This claw machine provides a classic game experience. A successful try is rewarded with a prize that drops out of the chute to the sound of applause and music. The sturdy plastic case ensures durability and measures 19cm” W. x 34cm” D. x 25.5cm” H.

4. Fun for Parties

The Beauenty DIY Doll Claw Machine is perfect for parties. Watch as kids gather around the machine and squeal with joy as they try to grab the prizes. It’s a great way to keep everyone entertained and create lasting memories.

5. Challenge and Skill

This claw machine is not just about luck. It requires skill and focus to grab a prize and drop it into the dispenser before the music stops. It’s a game that challenges kids and helps improve their hand-eye coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age is this claw machine suitable for?

A: This claw machine is recommended for children aged 3 and above.

Q: Can I refill the machine with different prizes?

A: Yes, you can easily refill the machine with your choice of small toys, candies, gums, or biscuits.

Q: Does the claw machine come with prizes?

A: Yes, the claw machine comes with 8 random 5cm puppets as prizes. You can also use your own prizes for added fun.


The Beauenty DIY Doll Claw Machine is a must-have for any kid or adult who loves arcade games. Its adjustable sounds and music, along with the ability to fill it with exciting prizes, make it a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. Get ready for hours of fun and excitement with this mini claw machine!