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Automatic Pop up Power Outlet with 15W Wireless Charger

Automatic Pop up Power Outlet with 15W Wireless Charger


The Jgstkcity automatic pop up table power sockets are a hidden recessed power strip that can meet all your office power requirements. With its sleek design and convenient features, it is perfect for usage in workstations, sofas, executive desks, and conference tables, making your work more efficient.


– 4 Way Outlets
– 2 USB slots
– 1 Wireless Charger
– 2M Power Cord
– Input: 250V, 13A, 3250W
– USB-A Output: 5V ⎓ 2.1A Max (2.1A Max Per Port)
– Wireless Charger: 15W (Compatible with All Qi enabled Devices)

Installing and Using Guide

1. Hole Diameter: 4.7 inch (120mm)
2. Jgstkcity automatic pop up power socket is simple to install.
3. Remove the detachable ring by screwing it clockwise.
4. A hole with a diameter of 4.7inch(120mm) is required in the desired installation surface.
5. The unit can then be fitted to the hole, screw the detachable ring anticlockwise until the body is fixed, done, and plugged into a standard power point underneath the bench top surface.
6. The unit is then ready for immediate use – No professional help required!

Countertop Pop up Outlet with Wireless Charger

The automatic retractable desktop design of the Jgstkcity pop up power outlet eliminates the need for hefty adapters and messy plugs. It is ideal for charging multiple devices at home, office, or school.

Easy to Installing

The Jgstkcity automatic pop up plug socket fits a 4.7inch (120mm) hole size and has a built-in spring-loaded pop-up mechanism. Simply press the top to pop the unit up for use.

Pop up Sockets for Kitchen Worktops

This power outlet features 4 UK Plug Outlets, 2 USB slots, and 1 QI Wireless Plate. It also has a built-in 15W Wireless Charger on the top of the power strip, compatible with all devices that apply with the Qi standard.

Extension Lead with USB Ports

The Jgstkcity pop up power outlet has a rating of 15W for the wireless charger, and each USB A port features a 2.1A Max output. The AC Outlets have a rating of 250V, 13A, 3250W. It also comes with a 2M extension cord for added convenience.

Splash Resistant and Durable

The automatic pop up power grommet is made of refined hardened scratch-resistant PVC plastic. It is also splash-resistant, so if you accidentally spill water, simply wipe off the water on the surface and you can continue using it normally.


The Jgstkcity automatic pop up power outlet with 15W wireless charger is a convenient and stylish solution for all your power needs. Its easy installation, multiple outlets, USB slots, and wireless charging capabilities make it a must-have for any workspace. Upgrade your office or home with this innovative and functional power outlet.