Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set 15kg – 50kg – Home Gym Equipment for Strength Training & Workouts by Body Revolution

Adjustable Cast Iron Dumbbell Set, 15kg – 50kg – Home Gym Equipment for Strength Training & Workouts by Body Revolution

Time Slashing Weightlifting Equipment from Body Revolution

Here at Body Revolution, we understand that going to the gym can result in lost time, which in the modern world results in lost opportunities. Which is why we specialise in designing and manufacturing gym-grade, performance enhancing strength training equipment for the typical home & garage gym, saving you time and money in the long run.

Strength Training Gear Designed to Maximise Progression

The dumbbell set has been designed for compatibility with any standard 1 inch plates & accessories, providing flexibility for continuous progression as you become fitter and stronger. Our goal is to ensure you get the most from your product without capping progression, providing freedom to continue reaching your fitness goals.

Body Revolution Cast Iron Adjustable Dumbbells Features

  • Heavy Duty, Solid Cast Iron Weight Plates
  • Chrome, Textured Handles
  • 20cm Steel Barbell Link
  • Spinlock Collars
  • Suitable for Beginners and Professional, Commercial Gym Use
  • Free Shipping to Mainland UK

Sets include a barbell connector, 2 x dumbbell handles, 4 x spinlock collars and the following plates:

  • 15kg: 8 x 1.25kg
  • 20kg: 4 x 1.25 / 4 x 2.5kg
  • 30kg: 4 x 1.25 / 8 x 2.5kg
  • 40kg: 4 x 1.25 / 4 x 2.5 / 4 x 5kg
  • 50kg: 4 x 1.25 / 8 x 2.5 / 4 x 5kg

Note that the total weight of each set is inclusive of the dumbbell handles and all accessories.

So Get Your Order in Today and Never Skip a Workout Again

STUCK FOR TIME? DON’T LET THAT BECOME AN EXCUSE! – With its compact and selectable design, the Body Revolution dumbbell weights set is the ideal personal training companion for speedy weightlifting workouts at home to target areas such as biceps, triceps and a range of core muscle groups.

ALL IN ONE COMPLETE ADJUSTABLE DUMBBELLS – The Body Revolution dumbbell set is simple and easy to setup and comes equipped with an array of interchangeable, heavy duty cast iron metal plates and accessories, making it ideal for beginners looking to progress through a range of motions and isolated weight lifting movements.

2-in-1 BARBELL LINK SOLUTION FOR INCREASED VERSATILITY – The cast iron weights set includes a 20cm barbell link to turn your dumbbell pair into a single barbell for a bigger range of isolated, compound and functional movement patterns. Ideal for starters perfecting the basic exercises and skills needed for functional form and fitness.

THREADED SPINLOCK COLLARS FOR WEIGHT PLATE SECURITY – The adjustable dumbbells are designed with 1 inch diameter threaded sleeves and a spinlock security mechanism for quick plate changes. The spinlock collars also contain a rubber rim on the inner section to help grip the cast iron weight plates for additional security.

TEXTURED CHROME HANDLE BAR GRIPS – The dumbbell set is designed with a textured handle grip to help improve stability and forearm control during bicep curls, bench press exercises and other weightlifting movements that can put strain on the wrists.